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BioFumo is an innovative compay in Italy that produces liquids specifically created fo elettronic cigarette designed so as maximise the pleasurable sensations of the vape. BioFumo's laboratories develop liquids able not only to fully maximise the pleasurable sensations of vaping thanks the the intensely flavoured aromas, but also ensure they are of optimised density to increase the performance of modern atomisers. Extensive tets carried out by experts from Milan University have confirmed the purity of the nicotine used and to the total absence of other harnful substances. It has been specivally this collaboration with the specialists of Minlan University tha has allowed BioFumo to create enjoyable and innovative liquids that provide the utmost safety for the en-user. It is to be remembered that BioFumo, out of respect for the business of its retailers, does not sell directly to private individuals. 

Our liquids

The BioFumo liquids are produced in Italy using only the highest quality ongredients. The intelligent mixtures specially created in BioFUmo laboratories offer the maximun satisfaction to the e-cigarette smoker because of thei totally unique, intense and lingering taste. The desity of the liquid is optimised to allow an intense vaporisation while also avoiding the production of those excessive residues which can create problems to he atomiser. Great attention is also given to the packaging in which the bottles are only made with material suitable for foods, with a cap that has a child safety device, a dropper and is even tamper-proof so that the end user can be sure that the liquid has not been diluted or adulterated. BioFumo's wide range consists of over 30 different flavours, all avaible in four different levels of nicotine: 0/6/12/18 mg/ml. BioFumo invests substantial resources in research to the able to offer its users an eve better and more innovative product to wich new formulations will be introduced to give our retailers the chance to always offer welcome new ideas to their customers. 


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