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  • Spare 1.7ml Justfog cartridge for C610, compatible even with nicotine salts.

  • Justfog has created the C601 kit with a 650mAh battery that is really tiny and portable. Its 1.7ml pods are suitable even for high nicotine e‑liquids and even for nicotine salts. The inbuilt coils are made with organic cotton and guarantee pure flavors. – Tank capacity: 1.7ml – 650mAh – Battery: inbuilt.

    • Justfog Minifit Pod is a 1.5ml cartridge for the Justfog Minifit battery. Due to the inbuilt 1.6ohm MTL coil and to organic cotton it produces a lot of vapor and pure taste. - Capacity: 1.5ml – Resistance: 1.6ohm

    • Justfog MINIFIT is a tiny and cute starter kit. Its cartridges can contain up to 1.5ml of liquid and have a 1.6ohm MTL coil with organic cotton that, combined with an internal 370mAh battery, produces incredible vapor quantity. The device has a LED indicator of battery level. – Tank capacity: 1.5ml – 370mAh – Battery: inbuilt.

      • The refined starter kit Justfog Q16C will win you over because it is light and it can be always within a hand’s reach. The built‑in 900mAh battery has a long life that is shown by a LED indicator. The kit allows you to choose from 8 different variable voltage functions. The Q16C is also childproof designed. – Tank capacity: 1.9ml – Battery: built-in,...

        • Justfog head - Compatible with: Justfog C14/G14/S14 clearomizer - Resistence: 1.6ohm - Lenght:17mm - Width: 9mm -  Organic Japanese Cotton - Volt: 3.4-4.4V - Watt: 6-12W - 5pcs per pack

        • Justfog J-Easy 3 Battery is designed to fit for Justfog P16A Kit. Its constant output at the selected voltage will bring you perfect vape experience. Feature with the small size, the Justfog J-Easy 3 Battery is easy to carry. - Connection Threading: 510 – Constant output – Battery type: built-in – Battery capacity: 900mAh

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            Being one of the JUSTFOG 14 series, the JUSTFOG P14A Compact Kit comes with the atomizer of 14mm diameter as well. With the built-in, strong and long lasting grade A 900mAh battery, the compact battery is able to provide accurate and constant voltage.  Designed for a relaxed usage. - Tank capacity: 1.9 ml – Battery: Built in - 900 mAh.

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            The P16A starter kit takes its inspiration from the well-known Q16 but becomes TPD compliant keeping the smart battery functions and constant voltage. Safe, with a childproof mechanism, tiny and super light. Three step variable voltage. Will allow you to enjoy vaping as you prefer. – Tank capacity: 1.9ml – Battery capacity: 900mAh – Battery: built-in.

          • Justfog Compact Kit Battery with constant voltage and is compatible with C14/S14/G14/Q14 clearomizers. Its display shows battery level. Thus small it is equipped with many protection functions. – 900mAh – Threading: 510

          • Replacement coil Justfog – Compatible with: Justfog Fog 1 kits – Resistance: 0.5 ohm – Organic Japanese Cotton - 5pcs package

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            Justfog Fog 1 is a handy starter kit with constant output voltage and a 1500mah battery. It is a synonym of security because it has a childproof opening system and anti-spit protection shield. It is equipped with a battery indicator and an easy-to-replace liquid tube. Top-filling system and airflow control. – Tank capacity: 1.99ml – 1500mAh – Battery:...

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