Vandy Vape Capstone RDA Atomizer- Golden


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Capstone RDA boasts a new, revolutionary way of rebuilding. Its deck is postless but has a spring structure with which building becomes simple. It is apt for a single or double coil building and has an innovative air intake that helps make big clouds. The Waterfall squonking is a new invention to soak your cotton at best.– Thread type: 510 – Diameter: 24mm

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Product type: Atomizer RDA

Color: Golden

Coil replaceable: No

Coil Rebuildable: Yes

Connection threading: 510

Drip tip: Yes

Drip tip replaceable: Yes

Diameter: 24mm

Dimensions: 24 mm x 38m (29mm)

Top or bottom e-liquid filling

Airflow control

Head replacement: Take off the atomizer cap and then fix in coils and cotton. (Make sure that the coil ends are not in contact with the base or with interior part of the tank.) Drip a few drops of e-liquid on the cotton before use to avoid dry burn. 3. Fix the upper part back on the atomizer.

E-liquid refill: Unscrew the top. Then slowly refill e-liquid into the glass tube or squeeze the bottle if it is used with the BF pin. Drip a few drops of e‑liquid on the cotton before use to avoid dry burn.


1 × Atomizer Vandy Vape Capstone RDA

1 x Drip tip 810


1 x Accessory bag

1 x 510 Adapter

Note: Once the atomizers have been used the warranty is no longer valid and for hygienic reasons they cannot be returned.