New Da Vinci Mods Innova Antiappannante for glass and plastics - 100ml

Da Vinci Mods Innova Anti Fog spray for glass and plastics - 100ml


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Innova Anti Fog Spray for glass and plastics 100ml by Da Vinci Mods. Crystal clear windshield for a perfect visibility. Resistant, invisible and easy to use.

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100ml nano solution which prevents fogging on your cars windshield and mirrors. Also usable on motorcycle helmet visors. Invisible layer is created, which prevents fog from fogging, so you don’t have to clean your glass anymore. The product is ideally suited for the inner surface of car windows and mirrors. Antifog also has anti-static and anti-dust properties. The Anti Fog spray is the most effective defogger for your snorkel mask, ski goggles, swim goggles, airsoft mask, hockey or any sport where glasses, goggles or protective gear has worn!

Preparation of surface and usage of product:

  • the surface must be completely clean, dry and free from grease and water.
  • Shake well before using.
  • Spray evenly and buff, wipe in with a soft cloth on the surface.