DeOro Dream/Drum Sensation - 10ml

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    LT185600 0mg/ml
    LT185604 4mg/ml
    LT185609 9mg/ml
    LT185616 16mg/ml

Ready made liquid A strong tobacco flavor, similar to a cigarette one, just with an extra of smokiness. But after the throat heat, there is a very light sweet flavor that is almost fruity. This sure is a special liquid, you need to try it. - Bottle: 10ml plastic bottle with childproof cap – Nicotine grades: 0mg/ml – 4mg/ml – 9mg/ml – 16mg/ml - Made in Italy – TPD compliant Label in Italian

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Product Type: liquid, ready-to-use

Made in Italy

Label in Italian

Flavor: Tobacco

Bottle: Plastic bottle with childproof cap

Capacity: 10ml

Nicotine concentrations: 0mg/ml – 4mg/ml – 9mg/ml – 16mg/ml

Shake before use.

Store away from direct light in a cool place.


1 x Dream/Drum Senstation - 10ml

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