La Tabaccheria Flavor Piloto Cubano - Elite Line - 10ml


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The distinctive trait of this tobacco, also found in other cigar tobaccos, is that regardless it has strength and body when being smoked in the traditional way, when being vaped the Piloto Cubano extract appears soft and captivating and is an outstanding vape for enthusiast and fans of Cuban cigars.

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After the Cuban revolution in the 1959 some growers moved to Dominican Republic bringing the seeds and the art of the cultivating and growing of the “Tabaco Negro Cubano” that has two families: Criollo and Corojo. From this two families originated many subsequent hybrids, still used nowadays for the manufacturing of Cuban cigars, such as: Criollo 98, Corojo 99, Habana 92, Habana 2000. The Piloto Cubano takes its name from its town of origin Pilotos in the region Pinar del Rio and in 1960 arrives in Dominican Republic where it finds perfect soil and climatic conditions for the growth of the “Forefather” of the Havanensis family outside its land of origin. Piloto Cubano is one of the Dark Air Cured tobaccos that are used for cigars and undergo a fermentation that gives the leaves a strong dark color and very marked aromatic characteristics. We selected the Sun-Grown-Filler Piloto Cubano.


Bottle: 10ml amber glass with a childproof cap

General description for all the Extracts: Tobacco extract. Do not eat. To be used in a  10-15% solution to aromatize inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (ECig), electronic cigars (ECigar), electronic pipes (EPipe).

Composition: propylene glycol (USP/EP). Concentrated Tobacco extract. Contains traces of Nicotine < 0,15% (< 1,5 Mg/Ml).

Warnings: P103: Read label before use. Do not eat. Do not ingest. Dilute to 10-15% in neutral base for electronic cigarettes. EUH208: contains traces of nicotine < 0,15% (1,5 Mg/Ml), can cause an allergic reaction. P102: Keep out of reach of children.P262: Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. 302 – 305 – 352: if on skin or in eyes wash with plenty of water. P301- P312: If swallowed and/or if you feel unwell call a POISON CENTER/ doctor. P273: Avoid release to the environment. P401: Store between 1°C and 40°C. Protect from sunlight. Package leaflet, safety data sheet and certificate are available on the web site Sold with information sheet. Sale to persons under age 18 prohibited.



1 x bottle

Note: See the web site for further information on dilution and maturation times.

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Da (Prato, Italy) il 07 March 2018 (La Tabaccheria Flavor Piloto Cubano - Elite Line - 10ml) :


Come tutti i liquidi tabaccheria anche il Piloto non può mancare nella vostra dispensa aromi, accoppiato ad un berserker o ad un kayfun vi saprà regalare delicate note di fedele aroma.

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