La Tabaccheria flavor Virginia - Linea Estratti di Tabacco - 10ml


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Tobacco extract – Virginia is the world’s most grown, one of the Flue Cured type. It is prevailing in almost every cigarette mixture and in most of the pipe mixtures. The Virginia tobacco extract is a perfect vaping company at any time of the day. A tender and sweet flavor. – Bottle: 10ml

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Bottle: 10ml amber glass with a childproof cap

General description for all the Extracts: Tobacco extract. Do not eat. To be used in a  10-15% solution to aromatize inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (ECig), electronic cigars (ECigar), electronic pipes (EPipe).

Composition: propylene glycol (USP/EP). Concentrated Tobacco extract. Contains traces of Nicotine < 0,15% (< 1,5 Mg/Ml).

Warning: Dilute to 10-15% in neutral base for electronic cigarettes. 100% Organic Aroma. Use only with Atomizers and Tanks of glass or steel. May contain nicotine up to 0,15% (1,5ml/L).


1 x bottle

Note: See the web site for further information on dilution and maturation times.

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Da (Prato, Italy) il 12 March 2018 (La Tabaccheria flavor Virginia - Linea Estratti di Tabacco - 10ml) :


Partendo dal presupposto che La Tabaccheria è una garanzia, il Virginia è uno dei classici da avere, personalmente lo diluisco al 6%, è uno dei 2 aromi che svapo sul Pallas, inconfondibile non stanca ne si perde sapore nel tempo, puoi svaparlo tutto il giorno e restituisce sempre un tipo appagante, lo consiglio a chi vuole svapare "il tabacco".

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