La Tabaccheria flavor Perique - Linea Estratti di Tabacco - 10ml


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Tobacco extract – Perique tobacco is considered the “Truffle among Tobaccos”. It is the most expensive because of the long and laborious process of manufacturing  and fermentation and because it only grows in a limited zone south of New Orleans. The Perique tobacco extract preserves all the precious characteristics of this awesome tobacco. An intense and fruity flavor. – Bottle: 10 ml

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Bottle: 10ml amber glass with a childproof cap

General description for all the Extracts: Tobacco extract. Do not eat. To be used in a  10-15% solution to aromatize inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (ECig), electronic cigars (ECigar), electronic pipes (EPipe).

Composition: propylene glycol (USP/EP). Concentrated Tobacco extract. Contains traces of Nicotine < 0,15% (< 1,5 Mg/Ml).

Warning: Dilute to 10-15% in neutral base for electronic cigarettes. 100% Organic Aroma. Use only with Atomizers and Tanks of glass or steel. May contain nicotine up to 0,15% (1,5ml/L).


1 x bottle

Note: See the web site for further information on dilution and maturation times.

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