Sale! Five Pawns Tabiya Blue Line - Vape Shot - 20ml

Five Pawns Tabiya Blue Line - Vape Shot - 20ml


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Vape Shot

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Low flavor concentration – Slices of honeydew melon is garnished with mint leaves and sprinkled with salt to enhance the flavor. Nicotine grades: 0mg/ml – 60ml glass bottle – Label in Italian, English

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Product Type: Low flavor concentration

Label in English, Italian

100% Made in the USA

Flavor: Honeydew Melon + Mint + Salt

Container: Glass bottle with childproof cap

Total capacity: 60ml

Flavor content: 20ml


Nicotine content: 0mg/ml

The 60ml bottle contains 20ml of flavor. Not to be used as it is. Always add one 10ml neutral base (such as nicobooster) and 30ml of a full VG neutral base even for a nicotine free liquid.

Store away from direct light in a cool place.


1 x Tabiya Blue Line - Vape Shot - 20ml

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