Sale! Five Pawns Magnus Blue Line - Vape Shot - 20ml

Five Pawns Magnus Blue Line - Vape Shot - 20ml


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Vape Shot

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Low flavor concentration – The blue line surprises with salt in unexpected combinations. The mix of the green apple served covered in caramel and sprinkled with peanuts is just perfect if you add the salt. Astonishing! Nicotine grades: 0mg/ml – 60ml glass bottle – Label in Italian, English

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Product Type: Low flavor concentration

Label in English, Italian

100% Made in the USA

Flavor: Green Apple + Caramel + Peanut + Salt

Container: Glass bottle with childproof cap

Total capacity: 60ml

Flavor content: 20ml

Nicotine content: 0mg/ml


The 60ml bottle contains 20ml of flavor. Not to be used as it is. Always add one 10ml neutral base (such as nicobooster) and 30ml of a full VG neutral base even for a nicotine free liquid.

Store away from direct light in a cool place.


1 x Magnus Blue Line - Vape Shot - 20ml

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