Journey Classic Dead Mans Hand - Vape Shot 20ml


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Journey Classic Dead Mans Hand Longfill 20ml. Tobacco and whiskey is the perfect combination for all-day vaping, regardless of the season. Number one choice for all good whiskey lovers and vapers who have only recently entered the vaping world.

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Product type | Low flavor concentration

Description Journey Classic Dead Mans Hand

The summer heat you can't hide, the sun in the sky without a cloud glows and burns every grass on a dusty dirt street, forty degrees in the shade. The spooky half-timbered wooden buildings seem to be leaning against each other, tired in the cry for rain, just waiting for everything to burst into flames and disappear in a second.

Absolute silence and silence with the occasional murmur of grunts and laughter coming from a nearby saloon and a hidden rattlesnake somewhere beneath a porch.

The slimy door of the entrance to the saloon, held solely by prayer, serves nothing, and here and there a breath of hot breeze passes through them. The hangover bartender stands at the bar, leaning on his elbow barely keeping his eyes open, the night before was tumultuous, the four "resolved" their disagreements with revolvers and fists, it was a pity to throw all that whiskey - it was a pity to throw it, so he blew it all himself.

The only guests are three in the dark corner, sitting at a table and playing poker. One of them is James “Wild Bill” Hickok. The only one with a smile and a large stock of coins, a smile holding a card in his hands. Bluff? With a cigar in his hand, a bottle of whiskey on the table, he thinks he's still doing well today, but not for long.

"You cheated" a voice was heard from the entrance to Saloon, "You cheated yesterday" a revolver click was heard. The waiter slowly slides behind the bar, the two of them move away from the table with the chair, only Wild Bill faces his back towards the entrance, his smile disappearing from his face. Seconds take hours, his mind swarms - will he be able to reach for his peacemaker, will he be fast enough.

The shot is heard, to Wild Bill, this was the last game of poker. Two pairs, a burst and a peak of eight and a hatchet, a good hand that ended badly.

Dead Mans Hand is the delicious e-juice presented by Journey Classic, the manufacturer of original and tasty e-liquids, which do not contain chemical compounds, such as diacetyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol and acrolein.

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Features Journey Classic Dead Mans Hand

Bottle Capacity60ml
Container typePlastic Chubby gorilla with childproof tap
Made inCroatia


The 60ml Gorilla bottle contains 20ml of flavor. Not to be used as it is. Always add one 10ml neutral base (such as nicobooster) and 30ml of a full VG neutral base even for a nicotine free liquid. Store away from direct light in a cool place.

Contents Journey Classic Dead Mans Hand:

1 x Journey Classic Dead Mans Hand - Vape Shot 20ml