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LOP Milk Star/ Pink star

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  • SkuNicotineStockQty
    LT029100 0mg/ml
    LT029103 3mg/ml
    LT029104 4mg/ml
    LT029106 6mg/ml
    LT029108 8mg/ml
    LT029109 9mg/ml
    LT029114 14mg/ml
    LT029116 16mg/ml
    LT029118 18mg/ml

Ready made liquid - A milkshake of strawberry pie, vanilla beans and creamy fresh milk. A tender and captivating blend. - Bottle: 10ml

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Flavor: Strawberry + Vanilla + Milk

Container: Amber glass bottle with a childproof cap

Content: 10ml

Nicotine gradation: 0mg/ml, 4mg/ml, 8mg/ml e 16mg/ml


1 x Bottle 10ml

Suggested minimal retail price5.50€