Sale! LOP Neutral Base 80/20 - 0mg/ml - 50ml

LOP Neutral Base 80/20 - 0mg/ml - 50ml

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    LT115100 2021-07-14

Neutral Base – The base produced and supplied by LOP is presented in a convenient 100 ml bottle with a 50ml content allowing the addition of five 10ml bases with nicotine. - Bottle: 100ml plastic with baby cap - Content: 50ml - Nicotine: 0mg/ml - Composition: 80VG / 20PG

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Product Type: Neutral Base

Italian Label

Bottle: 100ml plastic bottle with childproof cap

Capacity: 50ml

Nicotine concentrations: 0mg/ml

Contents: 80VG / 20PG

Shake before use.

Store away from direct light in a cool place.


1 x Neutral Base 0mg/ml - 50ml