Super Flavor The Island - Mix and Vape - 50ml

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    LT241900 2021-12-13

Low flavor concentration In the summer your traveling soul awakes. Come and explore with us tropical islands where you can refresh with an ice cold litchi, kiwi and peach drink. - 0mg/ml – Bottle capacity: 60ml – Flavor content: 50ml - Label in Italian

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Product Type: Low flavor concentration

100% Made in Italy

Label in Italian

Flavor: Peach + Lychee + Kiwi

Container: Plastic bottle with childproof cap

Content: 50ml

Bottle capacity: 60ml

Nicotine content: 0mg/ml

Not to be used as it is. Always ad one 10ml neutral base even for a nicotine free liquid.

It is recommended to buy a 10 ml Squeezy base 70/30 of desired nicotine grade.

Store away from direct light in a cool place.


1 x  The Island - Mix and Vape - 50ml