T-Juice Flavor TY-4 - 10ml


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T-Juice TY-4 concentrated flavor. The delicious blend of tobacco RY4, hazelnuts and cane sugar.

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Product type | Concentrated flavoring

Description T-Juice TY-4

TY4 is no ordinary tobacco flavour. Combining an unmistakeable Virginia tobacco with roasted nuts and a caramelised sugar note, TY4 balances bitter sensations with a wonderful sweet exhale. Tried and tested, this is a great tobacco flavour both for smokers looking to make the switch, and experienced tobacco aficionados.

You will be instantly seduced by the classic tobacco RY4 taste with a touch of nuts and a sprinkling of Demerara sugar. The irresistible and magical vape juice by T-juice. Made in the UK.

The TY-4 vape juice by T-Juice is available as 10ml concentrated flavoring on Aer-Wsale: E-cig liquids T-Juice supplier.

Features T-Juice TY-4

Bottle Capacity10ml
Container typeplastic bottle with childproof cap
FlavorTobacco,Sugarcane,RY4,Peanuts Peanuts
Made inthe UK
Maturation Period1-5 days
Suggested solution5-13%

Contents T-Juice TY-4:

1 x T-Juice Flavor TY-4 - 10ml