Cyber Flavour Flavor Nonna Rosa - 10ml


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Concentrated flavoring – The grandma from Neaples has filled the house up with the scent of the pastiera cake. Straight from the doorstep you’re teased by the shortcrust pasty and by ricotta with sparkles of orange peel. It’s impossible that your mouth doesn’t water. – Container: plastic bottle with childproof cap 10ml - Made in Italy Label in Italian

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Product type: Concentrated flavoring

Italian Label

Made in Italy

Flavor: Cake + Ricotta + Orange peel

Content: 10ml

Container: 10ml plastic bottle with childproof cap

Nicotine: No

Brand: Cyber flavour

Suggestions: 10-15% solution - maturation period: 5 days for fruity aromas, 8days for tobacco flavors and 10 days for sweet flavors


1 x Nonna Rosa - 10ml